Brooke Creative Co. is a jewelry line of handcrafted and custom designed earrings by Brooke Matthews. A hands-on, DIY-er from childhood, Brooke first began her love affair with design in high school. She completed her formal education with a BA in Graphic Design and soon moved to Silicon Valley to work in the tech industry. After grinding away for 6 years working in e-learning, marketing, advertising, and branding - she felt creatively stifled. In 2018 she decided to quit her job and moved back to her hometown in Central California.

Always having the urge to create something with her hands and the desire to one day own her own business, Brooke began experimening and reacquainting herself with a variety of mediums: watercolor, acrylic, calligraphy, digital design, and finally - (polymer) clay. She fell in love with its versatility and finicky nature. The intimate process of custom mixing the colors, cutting out shapes and hand-assembling the earrings quickly became something she couldnโ€™t get enough of.


Simple, yet Refined.


Brooke Creative Co. earring designs are clean, modern, and minimal for the purpose of everyday wear or simply adding a classic statement to your outfit. Her color palettes are inspired by elements of nature and vintage design.

When Brooke is away from the studio, she might be on a hiking trail clearing her mind, at a thrift store searching for hidden gems, or in the car listening to true crime podcasts.

Brooke is also available for freelance design and consulting on a project-by-project basis. Feel free to reach out via email.